Miminy Relax brings you a mix of beautiful chill-out music and ambient sound to improve your sleeping experience.

Relax First

Insomnia does not come only from stress but sometimes from fun. We love checking people's photos and stories in social media, but sleeping well is the most important habit in your life. Miminy Relax contains features selected especially for unintended night owls.

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Top Sound Quality, for Free

A free download will give you 4 music tracks and 5 ambient sounds. If you like the app, you can purchase more variations. All of the music tracks are carefully composed for better sleeping experience, with highest digital audio quality available in the market.

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Ambient Noise Canceling

You don't need to buy expensive noise-canceling headphones to find silence in noisy or crowded places such as cafes or airplanes. Just turn on our ambient sound, shut out the world, and get relaxed.

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Control Your Moment

Every day is a new day, and so is your surrounding noise. Configure the volume for each music track and ambient sound to best match your moment. Your configuration will stay until you restart the app.

What do users say?

I've tried many similar apps. This is hands down the best one on the market.

Gustaf - Stockholm

I played it this morning and my son was captivated by the sounds!

Daniel - Tokyo

Quick mind refresher to be more efficient with your time!

Lisa - Tokyo